Help with Android Devices

Step-by-step instructions for setting up controls and restrictions.

Samsung parental controls

  1. Download the Kids Mode app from the Google Play Store
  2. Create a pin code
  3. Register your child - can add up to six kids
  4. Tap Daily Playtime Limit to set a time limit on your child
  5. Choose Apps, Media and Music to choose which apps your child may use and which are blocked
  6. Will block websites with adult content, based on key words
  7. Kids Mode provides access to Kids Drawing, Kids Music, Kids Magic Voice and Kids Video apps, as well as those you downloaded from the Kids Store

Set up restrictions in Google Play

1) On the child's device, open the Play Store app, in the top left corner, tap the 3 line menu
2) Tap Settings
3) Tap Parental Controls to turn ON
4) Create or enter your PIN (make sure it's one they won't guess!)
5) Tap the type of content you want to filter, in this case Apps & Games
6) Choose the filter level
7) Back in main menu, tap Require authentication for purchases and choose what kind of authentication you'd like

To turn off Location Tracking

1. Tap the Settings icon on the device
2. Scroll down and tap Location
3. Turn Location OFF


Set up Family Link

1) Download the Family Link for Parents app in the Google Play Store
2) The app will walk you through steps to make sure you have what you need, confirm your birthdate, etc.
3) Set up your child's new account (or enter an existing one with their gmail address). You will need to agree to parental consent with a new account. One way they do this is by using your credit card, with a temporary authorization, which will be removed in 48 hours. Your child will not have access to the credit card.
4) Confirm your child's name, email address and birth date.
5) Connect your child's device: download the Family Link for Children & Teens app on their device
6) Login to the app with their gmail address and password. It will ask to allow supervision.
7) Enter the access code provided by the parent's device into the child's device. This will connect the two.
8) Name the child's device.
9) You can now customize settings, see which apps are on the child's device and their location, set device access times and more.

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