Secret Calculator (aka Fake Calculator)

Note: There are many secret vault-type apps (also known as camouflage or ghost apps). This is just one. Although this one is for Apple only, there are also vault apps for Android. 

What Secret Calculator says it is: "Fake Calculator is an ordinary calculator that works like any other. But when you enter a secret passcode it turns into a private storage app in which you can hide photos, videos, passwords, contacts. There is a private browser as well.

Some features:

- Discrete icon that looks like a normal calculator
- Import Photo/Video from library
- Take Photo/Video from Camera Roll
- Full functional photo/video viewer
- Browse the internet without any trace
- Save contacts you don't want in your address book and call them up from the app
- Save all your passwords in one place"


Why Kids Use It

  • Hide photos and videos, texts, calls, etc.
  • Browse the Internet with no restrictions
  • Hide contacts
  • Save passwords

  • Encourages risky behavior
  • Unrestricted web access

What Parents Need to Know

  • The calculator app can work like an actual calculator
  • Kids can save photos, videos, contacts, text messages, call records, documents, music downloads, etc.
  • They can browse the Web, bypassing any parental controls
  • The "vault" is opened by typing in the passcode the child sets up
  • There are many of these apps available, they can look like other apps, calculators, games, file managers, etc.
    • some others: KeepSafe, FotoX, Best Secret Folder, Private Photo Vault, KYMS (Keep Your Media Safe), etc.
  • Even if they delete the app, the contents may not be gone, it can be stored in the cloud or synced to another device
  • Some apps have a security feature which takes a photo of anyone who attempts to open the app with the wrong passcode, and sends it to the app owner as an alert
  • There are typically no restrictions that a parent can set on the app, other than the password/passcode

Find an app on an iOS device

1. Tap the Settings icon on the device
2. Scroll down to where all the apps are listed to see if it's there, OR
3. In Settings, tap Cellular
4. Scroll down to see all the apps using data. If the app is using data, it will be listed there, OR
5. Tap on the App Store to open it
6. Search for the app - when it appears in the search results if it says OPEN or UPDATE next to it, the app is on the device. If there is a cloud icon, it was on the device, but is no longer. if it says GET, it is not on the device

Find an app on an Android device

1. Open Settings on the device
2. Tap All Settings
3. Under Device tap Apps
4. Scroll to the right, go to the All tab to see hidden apps

For help finding apps on devices, turning off location sharing and blocking downloads, visit the Devices "how to" page.

If you think we missed something on this guide, please let us know!