WTF does THOT mean? IDK YSK

Remember when Gucci was a desirable fashion label and a goat was a cute farm animal? Now they mean "awesome" and "greatest of all time" respectively. It seems like our kids are speaking their own made-up language sometimes.

Understandable, since most of their communication is done via texting, that words would be shortened and abbreviated. Those thumbs are doing a lot of work! And sometimes, old words just take on new meanings. But for those of us who speak in complete sentences (i.e. parents), it can be difficult to understand. (Teen joke: How can you tell when your parents are texting you? There are capital letters and punctuation.)

Then there's the dark side of texting, for example, GYPA (get your pants off), TDTM (talk dirty to me), CU46 (see you for sex), 121 (let's chat in private). In order to keep these conversations on the DL, there are tons of abbreviations and number codes to throw off unsuspecting eyes. If you're seeing any of these in your kids' texts, it's time to take a deep breath and visit our sexting pages to learn how to have that conversation and give your child some much-needed guidance. (Hint: stay calm)

If you're low-key stressed about WTH our kids are saying, don't get salty. We have a texting lingo dictionary in our Member Resources section with more than 200 definitions. I got you, fam. Yeet!

WTF = what the fuck
THOT = that hoe over there
IDK = I don't know
YSK = you should know
DL = (down low) secret
low-key = low emotional intensity
WTH = what the hell
salty = angry
fam = close friend
Yeet = expressing excitement

Suzanne Kosmerl

Suzanne Kosmerl

I'm a social media professional and mom to two boys. I started Hashtag Parenting because I saw many moms and dads struggling to keep up with parenting in the changing digital landscape - including myself! The ever-changing apps, myriad monitoring solutions, and the texting lingo! Whew. I wanted to make it easier to find the most recent information, all in one place. I hope this site is a source of information and support for you. Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn by clicking the icon directly below.