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Lingo - meaning
:3 - clever, sarcastic
1174 - meet at a particular place
121 - let’s chat in a private message
123 - I agree
182 - I hate you
420 - smoking pot
53X - sex
8 - oral sex
9 - parents nearby
99 - parents are gone
A3 - anytime, anywhere, anyplace
ACC - actually
AEAP - as early as possible
AF - as fuck (extremely)
AFAIK - as far as I know
ALAP - as late as possible
AMA - ask me anything
AMOSC - add me on Snapchat
B4 - before
Bad - hot
BAE - before anyone else (boyfriend, girlfriend)
Baseball - crack cocaine
Basic - ordinary or boring
BC, B/C - because
Bet - something is going to happen
BFF - best friends forever
Blow - cocaine
BRB - be right back
Broken - hungover
BTAIM - be that as it may
BTW - by the way
Bud - pot, marijuana
CD9 - parents watching
CID - acid
Clouds - vapor from a vape
CTN - can't talk now
Code 9 - parents around
CU46 - see you for sex
Curve - reject someone romantically
Dabbing - concentrated doses of marijuana (or a dance move)
DAE - does anyone else
DFTBA - don't forget to be awesome
Dime - an attractive person (scale of 1-10)
Dip - to leave
DL - secret (down low)
DM - direct message
DOC - drug of choice
DOH - realizing something obvious, or being frustrated
E - ecstasy
ELI5 - explain like I'm 5
F2F - face to face
F2F - video chat or meet in person
Fam - close friend
FBF - flashback Friday
FF - follow Friday
Finna - getting ready to do something (fixing to)
FOMO - fear of missing out
FTFY - fixed that for you
FTW - for the win
FYI - for your information
G2G - got to go
Geekin - laughing too loud
GG - good game
GN - good night
GNOC - get naked on camera
Goat - greatest of all time
GOMB - get off my back
Gr8 - great
GTG - got to go
GTR - got to run
Gualla - money
Gucci - awesome
GYPO - get your pants off
Hazel - heroin
HBD - happy birthday
High key - don’t care who knows
HML - call or text me (hit my line)
HMU - hit me up
HT - hat tip
HTH - happy to help
Huggle - hug and snuggle
IANAD - I'm not a doctor
IANAL - I'm not a lawyer
ICYMI - in case you missed it
IDC - I don't care
IDEK - I don’t even know
IDK - I don't know
IDKWTD - I don’t know what to do
IKR - I know, right?
ILY - I love you
IMHO - in my honest opinion
IMO - in my opinion
IPN - I'm posting naked
IRL - in real life
IWSN - I want sex now
JK - just kidding, joking
KMS - kill myself
KOTL - kiss on the lips
KPC - keeping parents clueless
KYS - kill yourself
L8 - late
LH6 - let's have sex
Likers get rate - poster will rank those who like the post, to entice followers to like posts by giving something in return
LMAO - laughing my ass off
LMIRL - let’s meet in real life
LMK - let me know
LMS - like my status
LOL - laughing out loud
LOLz - laughing out loud, sarcastic
Low key - low emotional intensity, secret
LYAAF - Love you as a friend
Mans - a man/person
MCM - man crush Monday
MOS - mom over shoulder
MTFBWY - May the Force be with you
NC - no comment
NIFOC - naked in front of computer
NM - not much
No chill - irrational
NSFL - not safe for life
NSFW - not safe for work
NVM - never mind
OAN - on another note
OBS - obviously
OFC - of course
OH - overheard
OMG - oh my God, gosh
OML - oh my lord
OMW - on my way
OOTD - outfit of the day
OP - original poster, other poster
ORLY - oh, really
OTP - one true pairing
PAP - post a pic
Pearls - nicely rolled blunt (marijuana)
Peep - look at
PIR - parent in room
PM - private message
PMOYS - put me on your SnapChat
POA - plan of action
Pods -  for a Juul (vape)
Pop up - message me
POS - parent over shoulder
POTD - photo of the day
PPL - people
PRON - porn
QOTD - quote of the day
Rn - right now
ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO - rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
RT - retweet
S2R - send to receive (pictures)
Salty - angry, upset, bitter
Savage - doesn't care about consequences or what people say
Scoop - pick someone up
SFW - safe for work
Shade - put someone down
Ship - relationship
Skeet - let’s go
Skrill - money
Slept - missing out, high, being knocked out by someone hitting you
Slick - cool
SM - social media
SMH - shaking my head
Snap - a photo or video sent via SnapChat
SNR - streaks and regulars (on SnapChat)
Stan - idolize, love
Streaks - a running communication on SnapChat
Sugarpic - suggestive photo
Sus - suspicious
SWYP - so what's your problem
TBH - to be honest
TBR - to be rude
TBT - throwback Thursday
TDTM - talk dirty to me
TFW - that feeling when
TGIF - thank God it's Friday
Thirsty - overly eager, horny
THOT - that whore (hoe) over there
Thx -thanks
TIL - today I learned
TL;DR - too long; didn't read
TMI - too much information
Tree - pot
TTYL - talk to you later
TTYN - talk to you never
TTYS - talk to you soon
TWD - texting while driving
Txt - text
WBU - what about you
WCW - woman crush Wednesday
WDYMBT - what do you mean by that
Woke - awareness of social issues
WOTD - word of the day
WRU - where are you
WTF - what the fuck
WTH - what the heck/hell
WTTP - want to trade pictures
WUD - what are you doing
WYR - would you rather
Yayo - cocaine
Yeet - excitement over something
YMMV - your mileage may vary
YOLO - you only live once
YSK - you should know
Zerg - gang up on someone